More than 100 airlines fly to about 250 destinations in more than 70 countries. Over 33 million passengers per year and for the tenth time in the past 12 years, Munich Airport has been honored with the title of “Best Airport in Europe”.
The suburban train lines S1 and S8 connect the airport with the city center in approximately 40 minutes. Regular shuttle bus service operates between the main train station and the airport.

With some individual variation, banks are open roughly as follows:
Mon – Wed: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm,
Thu: 8:30 am – 6:00 pm, Fri: 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

Business Hours
The stores are generally open Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 8 pm. They are closed Sundays and holidays.

Moderate climate zone, no extremely cold winters or extremely hot summers

Country Dialing Code
Germany: +49

Credit Cards
Most stores, restaurants and hotels accept common credit cards.

The local currency is the Euro (€). The Euro and foreign currencies can be imported and exported without limitations. Cash exceeding the amount of € 10,000 must be registered in writing.

Deutsche Bahn (German Railroad)
855 short and long-distance trains arrive in Munich and/or depart daily from the city.

Event Preview / Event Calendar
Current information at > Link III. 1.

Geographical Location
48° 8’ 23” latitude north,
11° 34’ 28” longitude east

All prices include a service charge. If you are content with a service, a gratuity is recommended: taxi: 5 – 10%, restaurant: 10%, porter (hotel): 2 – 3 €/per piece of luggage, room service: 1 €/day

Holidays in Bavaria
New Year’s Day: January 1, Epiphany: January 6, Good Friday, Easter Monday, May Day: May 1, Ascension Day, Pentecost Monday, Corpus Christi, Assumption Day: August 15, Day of German Unity: October 3, All Saints’ Day: November 1, Christmas Days: December 25/26

436 hotels and guest houses, total of 38,955 hotel rooms.

Evidence of inoculation is required only for arrivals from infected areas. Here it is also recommended in case of doubt to contact the nearest German consulate.

German, many citizens also speak English.

Measures and Weights
Linear Measures: 2.54 cm = 1 inch, 30.48 cm = 1 foot, 1.61 km = 1 mile
Speed: 1.852 km = 1 knot, 1.61 km = 1 mile
Temperature: 0 °C = 32 °F = 273.15 Kelvin
Weights: 453.59 g = 1 pound, 50 kg = 1 hundredweight

Network of Bicycle Paths
Overall length of approx. 1,200 km (746 miles); rental bikes are available throughout the city

Number of Inhabitants
1.5 million

Begins every year on a Saturday, 15 days prior to the first Sunday in October

Police / Emergencies
Police: 110
Fire brigade and emergency service: 112
Ambulance: 19222

Post Office
Mon – Fri: 9:00 am – 6:00 pm, Sat: 9:30 am – 12:30 pm

Power Connection
220 V (50 Hz)

Regulations for Entry
Valid passport; for EU citizens and citizens from most foreign countries no visa is required when visiting as tourists for less than three months. In case of doubt please contact the nearest German consulate.

Suburban Public Transportation
Excellent network of subways, suburban trains, trams and buses also covering the suburban communities.

Tax Free / Value Added Tax
Presently the value added tax amounts to 19%. In stores displaying the “Tax Free” sticker you may request a “tax-free check” for your purchases which are taken out of Germany. This check can be cashed at airports, train stations and check points.

Central European Time (CET). Summer time from the end of March through the end of October (+ 1 hour).

München Tourismus / Memberships
ASAE – American Society of Association Executives
GCB – German Convention Bureau
ICCA – International Congress and Convention Association
MPI – Meeting Professionals International
SITE – Society of Incentive Travel Executives
UIA – Union of International Associations

Universities, Research Institutes
Ludwig-Maximilians University Munich (LMU)
Technical University Munich (TUM)
Max-Planck Society
Fraunhofer Society
GSF – Research Center for Environment and Health